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Confirmation 2017-2018  

7th, 8th and 9th Grades ~ Overview & Expectations

Overview of 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation Class
  • Weekly class meets on Sunday nights every week (5:00-6:30 pm beginning 9/17)
  • Lessons will be a mix of Bible Stories and Theology (Catechism)
  • The final 30 minutes of class time will be a shared meal (breaking of bread) to be provided on a rotating basis by 7th-9th grade     families (9th grade is encouraged to participate in  which shares in this meal time with the 7th-8th confirmation)
  • Offsite confirmation retreat — Lutherdale “Nailed it!” Dec 1-3 (Cost is $100 – please speak with us if this is cost prohibitive for       you!)
  • No confirmation class during Lent (You will be required to attend Wednesday Lenten services)
  • Two (2) parents nights per year, parents attend with youth on these special days.


Overview of 9th Grade Confirmation Class (with Mentors)

  • Monthly Class meets on Sunday Morning during Sunday School hour
  • Lessons will be focused on what it means to transition to an adult in the church
  • These families will be included in confirmation meal rotation, as the meal will begin  each week. You are strongly encouraged      (but not required) to attend  on Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:15 pm.
  • Affirmation of Baptism (confirmation day) will be in May of 9th grade.


What are the expectations?

***Worship Reflections (7th-9th): Worship Reflections are an opportunity to learn to intentionally listen to the sermon and pay attention to the other aspects of worship. As has been our tradition here at Our Saviors we ask you to complete 15 sermon notes per year of confirmation in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. We do expect you to fill them out completely and fully – yet at the same time we want to work with you, so if you are struggling with these, please talk with one of your Pastors to see how we can work with you to make them meaningful and worthwhile. 


***Acolyte/Worship Leadership (7th-9th): You will be asked to serve as an Acolyte on a rotating basis with your peers, and are asked to make arrangements among yourselves if you need to switch spots.  There will also be opportunities for you to lead worship as a reader, usher, tech desk and even helping in the nursery.  Please contact Deb Nollen, our Service Coordinator for these valuable opportunities.


***Confirmation Retreat (7th-8th) will be December 1st-3rd this year and will be a fun time to learn and grow together as we explore the Reformation at Lutherdale’s “Nailed it!” retreat.  The learning and group building for retreats like this are very hard to make up in other ways, so we would ask that baring family emergency, you plan to attend.  If something does come up please let Pr. Matthew or Pr. Jennifer know as soon as possible.
***Worship Attendance (7th-9th): Although we would hope that you come weekly for Worship on Sundays, we expect you will be in worship on Sunday twice a month. If for some reason you aren’t able to make it for two Sundays in any given month, Pr. Matthew or Pr. Jennifer will call to see what we can do to help improve attendance the next month. During Advent and Lent we will have special services on Wednesday nights. We expect you to plan to attend each of these special Wednesday evening worship opportunities  We know schedules can be tricky sometimes to balance, so you will have one (1) “skip week” for Advent and one “skip week” for Lent, to provide some flexibility.


***Class Participation: We will have class every week on Sunday evenings (7th-8th) and monthly on Sunday mornings (9th) and expect not just attendance but participation each week. lease talk to us in advance if/when there is a conflict. Bring a good attitude, and we will do our best to make sure Confirmation class is worth your time!  


*** Youth Ministry Participation (7th-9th) We will have 2 required FUN youth events each year. We will also be planning and leading the worship service on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We also strongly encourage active participation in other aspects of youth ministry at Our Savior’s. 
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What is a Mentor?

9th graders will have mentors this year as they have in previous years.  We want to give you the opportunity to choose your own faith role model. (Please see us if you need help!)

How to choose a mentor:

This person needs to be a member of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

This person needs to be age 21+.

This person should not be closely related to you.

This person needs to be able to come to class with you once a month, on Sunday morning during the Sunday School Hour.

They need to be someone you can trust and talk with.

If you do not know the right person to ask to be your mentor, please talk with us (the sooner the better!)  We’d love to help! .