Mission Statement:

Bible Based, Saved by Grace, Serving with Jesus Every Place!

Vision Statement:

Life-Giving Weekly Worship
We gather together weekly to build each other up through energizing and inspiring worship.  God’s Word centers our lives on Him and sends us out impassioned for our mission to love our neighbors.
Service Adventures with the Poor and the Poor in Spirit
We believe that God transforms us through personal relationships with the poor, the wounded and the weak, who so often reveal God’s richness, health, and strength.
Enriching and Renewing Christian Households and Marriages
God created human beings with a deep longing for intimate bonds. Research has shown that stable, loving families are the optimal environment for children’s health and the development of society. Therefore, we believe that our church should do everything possible to strengthen families & enrich marriages in our community.

What we believe:

Our church motto is “Bible-based, Saved by Grace, Serving with Jesus Every Place.
 I love this!  It’s memorable, definitive, uplifting, and full of purpose. But what does this mean?
If you were to worship with us, attend a small group or a retreat, you would discover that we center ourselves on the Holy Scriptures to learn how we are to live life to the fullest from God’s perspective. In worship, we have been digging deep into whole books of the Bible (like the gospel of John over the last 3 months) along with lengthy passages from Genesis and Exodus to the prophets, wisdom literature (Psalms, Proverbs, etc.) to Paul’s letters to various churches. The sermons are based on the Bible while using current real life illustrations and helpful suggestions for application from God’s Word. Our small groups read passages together and reflect on their meaning in our lives.
“Saved by Grace
Many avoid church saying, “They are a bunch of hypocrites. “Yes, we probably are. We say we are “Christian”, but we still sin and struggle like everyone else. That’s why we need God’s grace more than ever and why we need one another. We are a church that confesses sins, admits we are sinners in need of a Savior, desperate for grace. Martin Luther, from whom we derive our name from, felt tormented by his sinful nature. It’s when he discovered the grace of God, the clear forgiveness of sins though he was a sinner, that he was able to experience the amazing joy and freedom God intends for all of us. That’s what we are about. We are all beggars looking for food.  We are all sinners looking for forgiveness, hope, peace, a more fulfilling life. One way we communicate this grace is through the Sacrament of Holy Communion which we celebrate every week. Jesus instructed his followers to remember him and what he did on the cross, that is, he gave his body and blood for the forgiveness of 
sins, and that when we break bread together we would lift up what he had done as an incredible gift of grace. We do this EVERY worship service. And guess what? You can participate!  Some churches don’t let “non-members” partake in communion. We believe the opposite. We believe anyone can be baptized and all are welcome to the table for Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper as we sometimes call it. Why? Because we all are need of the grace of God.  Why withhold it to anyone?
“Serving with Jesus Every Place
Sure, we love worshiping God together, doing life together in small groups that meet weekly for study, fellowship, and encouragement  But our greater purpose is to love and serve everyone we come into contact with. We look for opportunities to do this.  Like moving an elderly woman with all her possessions into a more affordable apartment. We take 20 youth and 10 adults each summer to repair people’s homes in poor areas of Appalachia through ASP (Appalachia Service Project).  We partner with inner city churches reaching people in their neighborhoods. We do eye tests and fit people with brand new eyeglasses for only $5.00 a pair, even among the homeless!  We partner with 15 other churches to serve the homeless in Western Waukesha County through Family Promise.  We serve meals at a variety of places. The list goes on and on  God blesses us so much when we bless others. Jesus is on the move, touching people’s lives wherever we go. We are the hands and feet and voice of Jesus  It’s awesome to see the Lord’s hand at work in our lives touching other lives!