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“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”

-Ephesians 5:31

Part of Our Savior’s Mission and Vision Statement is:

Enriching and Renewing Christian Households and Marriages
God created human beings with a deep longing for intimate bonds. Research has shown that stable, loving families are the optimal environment for children’s health and the development of society. Therefore, we believe that our church should do everything possible to strengthen families & enrich marriages in our community.

Marriage – What We Believe

Marriage is a gift from God and a covenant of life-long faithfulness between a woman and a man. The heart of the wedding service is the exchange of vows of commitment between the bride and groom (and signified in the exchange of rings) before the congregation and God.

Ideally, a marriage relationship reflects the love that God has shown through the ages and uniquely revealed in Jesus.  Martin Luther called marriage “a school for character”; as Hosea 1:19-20 states , a marriage calls forth such virtues as integrity, justice, tenderness, and love—through the joys and sorrows of whatever life may bring.  At a Christian wedding service, the couple is not left to their own efforts to fulfill these promises, but is publicly receiving God’s blessing and support, as well as the affirmation of family, friends, and the Holy Christian Church.

The wedding is not only a glad occasion—over-flowing with joy, celebrating the Creator’s gifts of life, health, love, sexuality, the family—it is a holy moment calling on Christ and the Holy Spirit to bless, strengthen and renew this union day by day.

We believe that the Christian wedding is a sacred service of worship.  To clearly express this, Our Savior’s has established the following guidelines.


Wedding Application Information Form

Wedding Questionnaire and Information

Wedding Information Form

Wedding Guidelines


 To find out if the church and pastor available for your wedding date please email oursaviors@oursaviorshartland.org
  or call the church office at 262-367-6000.