Baptism at Our Savior’s

A child’s baptism day is the day when God plants the seeds of faith in a child’s life.  It’s the day when God says to the parents, “Go! See that you take good care of these previous seeds.  Water them. Nurture them. Raise them up to produce good things. You are my gardeners. I am counting on you!”


Why do we Baptize?

It is the great commission of our Lord Jesus that we would, “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matt 28:19 Through water and the Word of God in baptism, we are liberated from sin and death by being joined to the death and resurrection of Jesus. Rom 6:3-4 God uses baptism to bring about faith. In baptism, we are “born again of the Spirit” John 3:5 to begin a new life freed in Christ to love God and serve others. ( Baptismal Covenant and Faith Practices from the ELCA )


Steps to Get You Started


Schedule the Baptism– The first step is to either call the church office at 262-367-6000 or by emailing to [email protected] to schedule the baptism on our church calendar. Please complete a baptismal information form below and return to the church office at W299 N5782 County Rd. E, Hartland, WI  53029 or email it to address listed above.

Baptism Meeting – A meeting with the pastor will take place prior to the baptism. You will learn more about why we do baptism, what will happen that day, and your role as the one being baptized or as a parent, grandparent, or sponsor.
Photo & Bible Verse – Parents, please email a photo of your child and a Bible verse of your choosing to [email protected] one week prior to the baptism. This verse will be projected on the screens with their picture, and also be included on their baptismal bulletin. We pray the verse will follow you and/or your child throughout his or her life. If you know the number of guests that are expected to the Worship service, we will reserve pews for you and your family.
Pre-worship Meeting – Parents, sponsors, pastors, and those being baptized will gather the day of the baptism 15 minutes before the worship service time. We will meet in the main entry narthex area or the church office. As your church family, some of our members also participate in your child’s baptism by embroidering their initials on the baptismal cloth.
During All Saints Sunday (November) we recognize all those who were baptized from November of the previous year to the current year. We invite the parents and sponsors of the children and present them with a special gift as our commitment to helping you bring your child up in the Lord.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baptism


What is an appropriate age for baptism? 

Since the first days of the Christian Church, infants and adults have been baptized. We believe God is the one who acts at baptism through the earthly element of water connected to his unshakable Word. When infants are baptized, parents make promises for their child until the child is old enough to affirm these promises for themselves (typically around age 14).

Do I have to be a member? 
No. Baptism is open to all who believe and wish to be baptized in the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, whether you are a member of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church or not.  While congregation membership is not a requirement, we do believe a person is joined to the community of faith through baptism. In baptism, commitments are made to enter a life-long journey of faith within a congregation. We encourage families to be connected to a faith community. If you do not have a church home, please consider Our Savior’s as your church family.
What if I was raised in another faith tradition?
We believe there is only one lifelong Christian baptism in the triune God (In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). There is no need to “re-baptize” when someone comes to the Lutheran church from another Christian faith, or if someone who has been baptized feels they have fallen away from the faith. God’s word at baptism holds firm!
Baptismal Sponsors 
One or more persons of your choosing will stand with you during the baptism. Sponsors have a calling to encourage the child in Christian faith. Sponsors can be any family member or friend who is a baptized Christian.
Can I do a private baptism? 
We do not perform private baptisms at Our Savior’s. Baptism is entry into a community of faith, where the people of Our Savior’s make promises to love, support, and pray for the child.
Emergency Baptism 
Our pastor is glad to provide baptism on an emergency basis. In cases of a life-threatening situation, a person may be baptized by any Christian with water from any source “in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.” Should a person die before a baptism can take place, in place of baptism, we commend the person to God’s promises of life and salvation revealed in Jesus.
I’ve been baptized. What now?
Baptism is not a “one and done” event. Baptism is rather the first milestone in a life-long journey of faith in community with other believers in the world we are called to work and serve. If you are baptizing your child, you are making promises to teach them the Christian faith, to bring them to worship and Sunday School, and to attend worship yourself. It’s important you work on your own spirituality to help them grow theirs. With the help of your sponsors and church, you will continue to teach them about God’s love through Jesus Christ hopefully through their own affirmation of baptism and beyond in a lifetime of service.

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