Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is older than the community it calls home.

When the parish began, in 1867, Hartland wouldn’t be incorporated for another 25 years.

It really is part of the history of Hartland.

The church, originally called St. Martin’s, had its first meeting May 5, 1867. Congregation members met in a church on a hill at 400 Capitol Drive, across from what is now the Hartland Village Cemetery.

The church changed its name to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in 1935, and moved to a new location — at the southeast corner of North Avenue and Highway K — in 1971. That building, distinctive for its circular shape, still stands.

Our Savior’s moved to its current home, just down the road, in 1999.

Historical Highlights of Our 150 Year Journey

First 50 Years: 1867 -1917

  • May 1867: first meeting; German and Danish men including Ole Hansen, survived today by the Lund family current members of our congregation

  • Jan 1868; Property acquired, church built as “St. Martin’s”

  • Services were in English, German and Danish

  • July 1871 first resident pastor; M.P. Ruh was installed

  • Church name changed to “First Evangelical Lutheran”

  • 1873 – 1910; Separate German and Danish services

  • Feb 7 1910 Germans and Danish separated.

  • Building and property bought by the Danish Lutherans for $1,000 (original building was beyond repair)

  • Germans built a new church directly across the street, naming it Zion Evangelical Lutheran

  • May 1911 Danes built and dedicated their new Stone Church built on the site of the original building

  • 1914 one English service a month; Sunday school organized

  • 1922 Church joined the United Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church which in later years merged with the A.L.C. The American Lutheran Church 

Second 50 years: 1918-1967

  • 1931 all services in English; Men’s Club organized

  • 1935 name changed to Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran

  • Nov. 1936 a choir was organized with several different directors over the years. Florence Behrend was organist.

  • 1940 a Junior Choir was formed

  • 1951 church building was remodeled to double seating capacity

  • 1953 an Altar Guild was formed

  • 1957 – 1958 New parsonage was built on the site of the ”round” church at the intersection of Hwy K and North Ave

  • 1935 women formed a Mission society

Third 50 Years and beyond: 1968 – Present

  • Rhoda Wildrick & Viva Culver organists 1960’s, 70’s
  • “Round” Church building dedicated January 17, 1971
  • First Baptism: Andrew Zietlow, son of Al & Val Zietlow 1/24/71
  • Carol Haakenson organist 1979-1984
  • Polly Mauer organist 1984-2022
  • Carolyn Masterson Music Director 1994-2023
  • 1987 – With a generous donation, the remaining debt was retired; New Rogers Organ purchased & dedicated. Larry Shupe organized a major fund drive for that purchase
  • June 6, 1999 Walked from “Round Church” to the newly built church north on County Road E for the Dedication
  • Chapel stained glass windows installed
  • Sanctuary stained glass depicting Jesus’ baptism by John
  • Beautiful Cross in front of sanctuary donated by Giencke family
  • Grand piano purchased through fund raising efforts led by Larry Shupe
  • Installation of multi-media worship resources & tech team
  • StoneRollers Praise Band formed with Irene & Steve Koenigs
  • 4th & 5th octaves of Handbells and Hand chimes purchased
  • Ministries of Outreach, Welcome, Youth & Music continue to be focus points of Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church; Meru Diocese Partnership, Tanzania, Africa;  Family Promise; Hope Center;  Loaves and Fishes; and more.
  • Youth Coordinator, Kim Lewin 2007-2009
  • Youth and Family Minister, Teri Bergendahl 2010-2016
  • June 4, 2017 Lake Country Premier of Pastor Frank Janzow’s Jazz Liturgy, Rise Up!
  • June 25, 2017 150th Worship Celebration
  • Pr. Matthew and Pr. Jennifer Rose 2017-2024
  • 2018/19 Launched with all original funding Sleep in Heavenly Peace of Waukesha County
  • March 2020 Launch of Digital Campus
  • 2021 building of Outdoor Worship Pavilion
  • 2022 building of Scatter Garden (Dennis Schiek, first interment 2023)
  • Jackie Oakes, Executive Director of Music 2023-present