Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is older than the community it calls home.

When the parish began, in 1867, Hartland wouldn’t be incorporated for another 25 years.

It really is part of the history of Hartland.

The church, originally called St. Martin’s, had its first meeting May 5, 1867. Congregation members met in a church on a hill at 400 Capitol Drive, across from what is now the Hartland Village Cemetery.

The church changed its name to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in 1935, and moved to a new location — at the southeast corner of North Avenue and Highway K — in 1971. That building, distinctive for its circular shape, still stands.

Our Savior’s moved to its current home, just down the road, in 1999.

Two longtime members who can trace their family history to the genesis of Our Savior’s are Larry and Kathie Lund.

Larry Lund’s great-grandfather, Ole Hanson, was a founding member of the church. Hanson, along with two other men, put up $50 to start it.

“It’s a proud moment for us to say that Larry’s great-grandpa was a founding member,” Kathie Lund said. “We really have roots in that church, and we don’t have any plans on leaving.”