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Every summer, a group of youth and adults work on sites in the Appalachian region. In 2017, we arrived at a house that was completely empty, unusual for an ASP house. The group from the week previous had hung dry wall up on most of the walls and applied the first coat of mud on some walls.

We divided up into three area of focus:

1) Kitchen -Installed VCT flooring, cabinets, countertops and sink, Finished walls, prime and paint and installed appliances.

2) Bedrooms (three of them), hallway and living room – Finished walls, prime and paint, installed wood floors and doors.

3) Bathroom and utility room – Finished walls, prime and paint, installed VCT flooring, shower/bath, sink and toilet, and water heater.

Our ASP trip continues to be an eye-opening and life-changing experience for both our youth and adults. I am always amazed at how well our youth perform under some extreme and unusual conditions. Our adult volunteers play acrucial role in helping the youth during the week, with teaching skills for the tasks, problem solving, and debriefing discussions to help grasp God’s part in all the things that are happening around them. We ended the week with a special bond of community!


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