Holy Communion is one of two sacraments in the Lutheran Church.  (The other is Baptism!)  In this sacrament, God meets us through the meal of wine (or grape juice) and bread.  
In our congregation, we do not place limits of age around communion.  When parents feel that their child is ready for communion, just as Jesus didn’t turn hungry people away, neither do we.  The most typical age for first communion classes is 2nd grade, but we have had children of all ages participate in first communion classes.  This material is also reviewed later in confirmation classes.
Just as doing anything for the first time (such as driving a car, or going to school) is special, it is the same for first communion.  In order to prepare to receive communion for the first time, students attend two different sessions to learn about the meal and to prepare to receive it.
The Bread of Heaven Workshop

Communion bread is made by the children at a workshop held at the church in the kitchen. The children make the bread which is then used for communion at their First Communion Worship service on Maundy Thursday. (The Thursday prior to Easter.)

The Cup of Blessing Workshop

A one hour workshop held at a local pottery studio for children to learn more about the Lord’s Supper. They create their own Communion cup to be used at their First Communion.
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