The Kingdom Expansion Goals 

For Our Savior’s to continue to expand God’s Kingdom in our church, community, and across the continent.

We want to uplift our member’s ministry initiatives from either little seedlings that will grow bigger with time and attention, or from those that are well developed and ready to bear fruit, but need help harvesting.

Kingdom Expansion equips us to serve as a community in order to:

  • Identify new ministry initiatives and goals

  • Use our spiritual gifts to expand God’s Kingdom through our many ministry initiatives

  • Develop lay leadership with extensive congregational participation

  • Support, welcome and hospitality of visitors and guests

  • Encourage prayer support for one another on an ongoing basis

  • Provide a means to financially support the growth of expanded ministries envisioned and executed together

  • Celebrate and respond to God’s abundant generosity and love to us and all of his children