What is Kingdom Expansion?

Kingdom Expansion is Our Savior’s “second mile offering” program.  Once a month, we take a “second offering” which is used to further our work in the church, community, and creation (global) areas.  Members can take an idea of a project that they would like to see Our Savior’s invest in, fill out a form, and can see that seedling of an idea bear fruit in a financially supported project.  

Kingdom Expansion equips us to serve as a community in order to:
Identify new ministry initiatives and goals 
Use our spiritual gifts to expand God’s Kingdom through our many ministry initiatives 
Develop lay leadership with extensive congregational participation 
Provide a means to financially support the growth of expanded ministries envisioned and executed together  
Celebrate and respond to God’s abundant generosity and love to us and all of his children


What kinds of projects does Kingdom Expansion accomplish?

Here are a few examples of projects that Kingdom Expansion has grown in the past few years:

Built Sunday School rooms in Tanzania

Funded education initiatives for K-12 Students in Tanzania

Built an Outdoor Worship Space for Our Savior’s

Funded scholarships for African seminary students

Matched funds to support Sleep in Heavenly Peace of Waukesha County in its inception

Repaired the Our Savior’s playground

Provided new technology advances for the church, especially during the pandemic

Provided funding for a local school lunch backpack program

…. And so much more!


What is next?

What should the next goals be?  We need your help to identify important initiatives!  Please give us your ideas by filling out a Kingdom Initiative form below, or help contribute to fund future initiatives by clicking on the ‘donate’ button below!