Several new books are included below for our discussion in the upcoming months.

November 26th at 7 pm
Discussion Leader, Deb Nollen
Everything I Never Told You – Author: Celeste Ng

In a small town in Ohio in 1977, the oldest daughter and favorite child of a biracial couple — her mother is white, her father is Chinese-American — is found drowned in a lake. As her parents and siblings struggle to solve the mystery of her death, a web of family secrets emerges to reveal how fragile the relationships between husband and wife, parent and child, and brother and sister can be when ambitions are thwarted, societal pressures mount, and fears and desires are kept buried. Celeste Ng’s debut novel Everything I Never Told You alternates between past and present and is told from the various perspectives of each grieving member of the family, all of whom come to realize in their own way how little they knew about the people they thought they knew best. Uniting the Community through Great Books – Waukesha Reads has this as their 2018 NEA Big Read title! Awards – National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellow Celeste Ng knocked it out of the park with her debut novel, Everything I Never Told You, which was a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice and Amazon #1 Best Book of 2014; winner of the American Library Association’s Alex Award and the Asian/Pacific American Award for Fiction; and named a best book of the year by more than a dozen publications, including National Public Radio, Entertainment Weekly, School Library Journal, and The Huffington Post.

December 17th at 7 pm
Bring a favorite children’s book! One you remember from childhood, loved reading to your children or any book think a child will love to read. This will be a special service project too! We will read some aloud then donate them to Megan Culhane’s (Milwaukee public schools) kindergarten class. With a goal of 22 books, she can send one home with each child. With 44 books, there would be enough for both kindergarten classes to have a book at home. Books should be age appropriate and not be a religious theme but Christmas is acceptable. Books for slightly older readers will be shared with Stephanie Arshem’s 3rd grade students. Your favorite heirloom books can, of course, be taken back home.

Discussion options for 2019!
We will be changing the book selection process in 2019 by having you choose a book to share by topic first. Select any one (or two) of the topics below, find any (fiction or nonfiction) book that applies to that topic. Let me know the topic, book title and the month you would like to facilitate that discussion. It will be a fun, creative way to read a new book! Remember, the topics and months are limited to just one each so if one appeals to you let me know right away.

January 18th –
February 25th – The Uncommon Type, author Tom Hanks (a book of short stories) discussion leader, Debbie Rego
March 25th – Sourdough, author Robin Sloan (a book with food as a main subject) discussion leader, Victoria Randall
April 22nd? – Does the Monday after Easter work for most?
May 20th – Third Monday, the 4th is Memorial Day!

Book Topic Lottery – A Book that…..
Is about Islam
Is about Children
Has a Sports theme
Is based on a Bible Story
Takes place in Wisconsin
Was written prior to 1900
Involving Presidency or Government
Takes place in another Country or Continent
Has an author with or a topic on physical challenges
Involves a Historical woman or man not widely known