Welcome to Worship!

Everything you need to participate will be on screen when we go live at 9am on Sunday, although we encourage you to find a candle if you have one, lighting it as the service begins to symbolize God’s presence in your space. We also will have Communion during the service, if you would like to participate simply gather a bread and juice or wine. The “elements” you use for communion don’t matter as much as the promise God makes to you through them.

Here at Our Savior’s we are Bible Based, Saved by Grace, and Serving Jesus Everyplace!  We have a place for YOU here.

If you know someone who doesn’t have a computer or smartphone to watch our LiveStream services, we do have a number where they can call and hear the service over the telephone.  Simply dial: 1 312 626 6799 and then, following prompts, enter access code: 262 361 3396  – and when it asks for a password, type 123456


Previous Worship Opportunities

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Click this button to take you to an interactive “at your own pace” version of the ancient service that walks you from Creation until Easter Morning.