Our Savior’s Lutheran Church has never been closed; yet we look forward to our relaunch as an in-person worshiping body.  As a community we have prioritized the health of our most vulnerable members, following Jesus’ example, and because of this, we are returning to worship in our building in a mindful and well-intended way.  Our time together as a community when we do come back together will not look the same as it once did; new restrictions on our gathering will become our mode of existence together for now.  We ask that as you peruse this material, that you do so with a spirit of care for our neighbor, care for the vulnerable, and care for one another.  While our individual response to Covid-19 and our willingness to engage in community activities, wear masks in public, etc. may differ, as our community we’ve agreed that together, we will take a careful, measured approach, wearing masks when we are together, and caring for one another by maintaining physical distancing.  By doing so, we prioritize the health of our community as a whole.

 “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” — 1st John 3:18

Current Phase:

Message for current phase:

As of 7/14/2020 Leadership Team has returned us to Phase 2, making that our new base phase, baring any local mandates. We have made an edit to reflect this in our policy, as well as an exemption to the 10 person max for Funerals and Baptisms.

Amy is coordinating building access so please  contact her at OurSaviors@OurSaviorsHartland.org for building availability.

June 7, 2020 Pastoral Message

Click the image to see larger; This shows phases from Safer at home through phase 2.

This page shows phases 3-5 of our relaunch.

How Did we get here?

Our Leadership team has been meeting regularly, praying together, and together as a group creating what we feel is our best path forward.  We’ve been studying materials from a number of sources, consulting medical professionals in the field of epidemiology and working closely with our denominational resources from the ELCA as we have developed this plan.  As a leadership team and as a staff, we have agreed that a careful, measured approach is the best way to care for one another as we come back together.  Below is a list of many resources that have been among our resources to consult, and you may wish to do more extended reading to discover some of the “whys” behind our plan.  


We understand that it may happen that someone forgets a mask. As church, we will be doing a drive for masks, so if you don’t have yours with you we will give you one to wear. After church you can then keep it for next time.

Your Pastors and Leadership Team President, meet every Monday, and will be evaluating whether we have met gating criteria at that time each week. For members of Small Groups you will hear likely first through the ways your group communicates. Any change in Phase will also be shared on Sundays as a part of the worship service. To keep everyone informed, we will also share updates on progress every two weeks in worship.

We have decided to follow the actual metrics of spread and risk in our area, rather than the calendar. This will allow us to progress quicker if the informed criteria as described in our Phases allow, and more measured if need be to safe guard our most vulnerable members and visitors. This means there isn’t a “Date” on the calendar that will define our response, but instead prayerful, informed criteria as line up in our Phases and Gating document.

We are so glad you asked! As you might imagine we will need LOTS of volunteers as we move through the different phases. From cleaning bathrooms, to wiping down chairs, to checking people in, to ushering people to their seats. There will definitely be more options for you to help, as our community is what makes Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

Yes. Although we will try to save a couple of spaces for new guests or visitors to our congregation, it will be important to save those spaces for those who are new to our space. This assures we can continue to be the welcoming place Our Savior’s has always been.

Any of your Leadership Team or the Pastors would be happy to try to answer your questions, especially in this time. We are regularly discussing and weighing the best information available to us at the time.

If you have any questions about any of these materials, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the Leadership Team or the Pastors!  We welcome your questions!