Our Savior’s Lutheran Church has never been closed; yet we look forward to our relaunch as an in-person worshiping body.  As a community we have prioritized the health of our most vulnerable members, following Jesus’ example, and because of this, we are returning to worship in our building in a mindful and well-intended way.  Our time together as a community when we do come back together will not look the same as it once did; new restrictions on our gathering will become our mode of existence together for now.  We ask that as you peruse this material, that you do so with a spirit of care for our neighbor, care for the vulnerable, and care for one another.  While our individual response to Covid-19 and our willingness to engage in community activities, wear masks in public, etc. may differ, as our community we’ve agreed that together, we will take a careful, measured approach, wearing masks when we are together, and caring for one another by maintaining physical distancing.  By doing so, we prioritize the health of our community as a whole.

 “Let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” — 1st John 3:18

How Did we get here?

Our Leadership team has been meeting regularly, praying together, and together as a group creating what we feel is our best path forward.  We’ve been studying materials from a number of sources, consulting medical professionals in the field of epidemiology and working closely with our denominational resources from the ELCA as we have developed this plan.  As a leadership team and as a staff, we have agreed that a careful, measured approach is the best way to care for one another as we come back together.  Below is a list of many resources that have been among our resources to consult, and you may wish to do more extended reading to discover some of the “whys” behind our plan.  


We understand that it may happen that someone forgets a mask. Fear not! If you don’t have yours with you we have many styles and options available for you right at the front door, grab one that works for you. After church you can then keep it for next time.

We are so glad you asked! As you might imagine we will need LOTS of volunteers, as always it is our people that make this church what it is. From cleaning bathrooms, to wiping down chairs, to checking people in. 

Not for regular Sunday services, but there is limited seating. We have put in as many seats as will fit with groupings 6 feet apart, yet because of our small sanctuary relative to our congregational size this is a limiting factor.

For Special Services (like Thanksgiving Eve or Christmas Eve), we will be doing an RSVP system, so that we can add worship times if services fill up. This isn’t for “assigned seating,” you will still need to come in and find the place that best fits your family size.

Any of your Leadership Team or the Pastors would be happy to try to answer your questions, especially in this time. We are regularly discussing and weighing the best information available to us at the time.

If you have any questions about any of these materials, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the Leadership Team or the Pastors!  We welcome your questions!